11 Overrated European Attractions

Overrated tourist attractions in europe

11 Disappointing Tourist Attractions in Europe

Over rated travel destinations all have one thing in common: they provide a cheap and shallow experience. You go to a destination and quickly find out that you’re looking at one-dimensional attraction that has very little side attractions or depth. It’s as if you go to a place, check out one thing and have no other reason to stick around. Annoying, right? Well, Europe has its fair share of such places.

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa

disappointing tourist attractions leaning tower
Pisa is not exactly in the middle of nearby awesome historical Italian towns and cities. Nope. You have to actually get out of the neat little route from Milan to Florence to Rome to take a side trip to Pisa. And what greets you when you get there? A building that suffered from defective construction. End of story. Seriously.

The London Eye

european attractions that suck
Looking like an overgrown Ferris Wheel, the London Eye nevertheless manages to snag many tourists’ pounds because it supposedly offers a great view of London. While you can definitely get a nice aerial view of the city, that’s all you get. No context. No stories. No local color. You’d be better off spending your pounds on a walking tour.

Neuschwanstein Castle

european tourist attractions that suck
Located two hours from Munich, this is one destination many Munich visitors insist on seeing. Predictably, they quickly find out that they made the two hour trek to see a grand medieval building and not much else. Why? Its interiors aren’t all that appealing. There you are-in the middle of hills and two hours from the city checking out a massive medieval building. Gets old. Quickly.

The Amalfi Coast

disappointing sights of europe

While the Amalfi Coast truly is beautiful and worth visiting, the crowds may make you think twice. It’s just too crowded on most days. You’d get a better experience visiting the towns that make up Cinque Terre. Less hype. Less crowds. More grand vistas. More fun.

Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid Statue

where to go in europe to be disappointed

Visiting the Copenhagen waterfront is supposedly not completely unless one makes an obligatory trip to the little mermaid statue. This relatively small statue is really nothing to look at. It isn’t particularly striking. And the Copenhagen waterfront isn’t that particularly special. You get there and there’s really not much else to do.

Brussels’ Manneken Pis

top tourist attractions in europe that are overrated

You’ve probably seen photos of this statue before-it’s a baby urinating on top of a fountain. That’s it. That’s all. It’s not particularly avant-garde or cleverly designed. In fact, it’s a copy of a copy because it’s been stolen before. The redeeming quality of this tourist destination is that it is at least located smack dab in the middle of Brussels and you can check out what the rest of the city has to offer.

Euro Disneyland

disappointing tourist attractions

Its Disneyland. In France. Pretty shallow. All too forgettable and overpriced to boot.

Temple Bar in Dublin Ireland

tourist attraction in europe
Dubbed as the cultural center of Ireland, it’s easy to become jaded and feel stuck in a tourist trap because you’ll almost surely be surrounded with tourists in this place. It feels more like a contrived tourist destination rather than a true embodiment of Irish pub history and culture. You’d be better of finding another Irish bar off the beaten track.

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum London

lame tourist attraction in europe

While the wax artistry and statuary skills of the creative minds behind Madame Tussaud’s are to be applauded, this place is just too packed with tourists and promoted in such a cheesy way as to be worth avoiding. You will be getting cultural exposure alright-but not the kind you expected. Instead, you get a full whiff of the culture of cheesy pop celebrity worship.

Blue Grotto Capri

over hyped tourist attraction in europe

While this structure is massive, to truly see it, you have to take a speed boat and once you’re in it, it gets old quickly. One trick pony is the first thing to come to a lot of visitors’ minds.

The Rock of Gibraltar

bad tourist attraction in europe

Okay, this place is historic. But that’s pretty much it. You get to the Rock and you walk around. And thoughts of going somewhere else quickly comes to mind. Do yourself a favor, don’t do a walking trip. Take a quick cruise and scope out the rock on your way to more interesting spots in Morocco.


Keep the 11 overrated destinations above in mind the next time you are planning a European vacation. Maximize the value of your travel funds by planning your trip more meticulously.

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