15 Tips to Travel Japan on a Budget

Vacationing in Japan on a Budget

You're reading this because you have heard that Japan is not exactly the cheapest place to live on Earth. Indeed, Tokyo consistently ranks in many surveys measuring cost of living. Still, your next trip to Japan need not burn a hole through your pocket. Whether you're taking your family for a vacation in the Land of the Rising Sun or you're a single backpacker out to see Japan on a shoestring budget, the 15 tips below helps ensure you reduce your...

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13 Must See Things to See in Japan

13 Things Everyone Should do in Japan

If you've been thinking of visiting Japan-the land of the rising sun-or already have a business trip slated for this destination and would like to pack more value into your trip, check out the 13 suggestions below. They've been selected to give you a 'holistic' view of Japan. It's too easy to visit Japan and get the impression that it is this super futuristic country that lives, eats, and breathes technology. The same goes with a manga- or...

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