Backpacking Through South America: Tips and Safety Tricks

Tips for Backpacking South America

Tips for Backpacking South America

Traveling to South America for the first time can be exciting and also a bit scary. Some of the most popular travel horror stories come from South America. When backpacking through South America always be aware of your surroundings and follow these tips to make your experience safe and satisfying.

South America Tips for Backpacking

Tip #1: Learn basic Spanish

Although many of the younger people in South American countries...

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11 Things to do in Argentina

Things to See in Argentia

Where to Go and Points of Interest in Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful country with majestic natural wonders, European styled cities, and delicious meat! The country itself is huge and extends all the way down to Patagonia, near the South Pole. No South America trip would be complete without visiting Argentina! Regardless whether you are in the North or the South, there is something awesome to see or do.

When visiting Argentina you should pack more formal clothes. If you are...

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15 Tips to Travel Japan on a Budget

Vacationing in Japan on a Budget

You're reading this because you have heard that Japan is not exactly the cheapest place to live on Earth. Indeed, Tokyo consistently ranks in many surveys measuring cost of living. Still, your next trip to Japan need not burn a hole through your pocket. Whether you're taking your family for a vacation in the Land of the Rising Sun or you're a single backpacker out to see Japan on a shoestring budget, the 15 tips below helps ensure you reduce your...

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13 Must See Things to See in Japan

13 Things Everyone Should do in Japan

If you've been thinking of visiting Japan-the land of the rising sun-or already have a business trip slated for this destination and would like to pack more value into your trip, check out the 13 suggestions below. They've been selected to give you a 'holistic' view of Japan. It's too easy to visit Japan and get the impression that it is this super futuristic country that lives, eats, and breathes technology. The same goes with a manga- or...

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11 Overrated European Attractions

Overrated tourist attractions in europe

11 Disappointing Tourist Attractions in Europe

Over rated travel destinations all have one thing in common: they provide a cheap and shallow experience. You go to a destination and quickly find out that you're looking at one-dimensional attraction that has very little side attractions or depth. It's as if you go to a place, check out one thing and have no other reason to stick around. Annoying, right? Well, Europe has its fair share of such places.

If you're headed to Europe and...

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Top Thai Food Dishes to to Try in Thailand

Top Thai Food Dishes to to Try in Thailand

Must Eat Dishes in Thailand

Besides mysterious and awe inspiring Buddhist temples, floating market stalls, and amazing tropical islands; Thailand wows its visitors through its thai food. Whether you're into hot and spicy food or are looking for milder flavors, Thailand's rich culinary tradition has a dish for you. No trip to Thailand is ever complete without a sampling of its amazing flavors. Whether you check out these dishes from a street-side stall or from the swanky interior of...

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11 Fun Things Everyone Should Do in Thailand

11 things to do in Thailand

What to Do in Thailand: 11 Top Must See Attractions

It never fails, people arrive at a faraway destination all excited about 'experiencing something new' and they end up seeing only a tiny fraction of what the place has to offer. Time flies quickly, especially when you're unprepared. This is especially true of Thailand. The country has has so many amazing sights and attractions that it's too easy to get overwhelmed and end up visiting only 'tourist spots' that don't do justice to...

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What to Pack for Laos

What to Pack for Laos

Laos Packing List: What to Pack for Laos

Laos is a landlocked country known for it's historical connections to Buddhism, beautiful natural landscapes, food, and that it is the most bombed country in the history of the world.  A popular place for partying long ago, it has chilled out and is now a more relaxed destination that is super affordable.

Laos is one of the cheapest countries in South East Asia, so if you forgot to pack something you can easily pick it up on the...

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What to Pack For Cambodia

What to Pack for Cambodia - Travel Packing Checklist

Cambodia Packing List: What to Pack for Cambodia

Cambodia is fast becoming a very popular destination for tourists from around the world. Although the government is incredibly corrupt and inefficient, it doesn't keep the Cambodians from being some of the friendliest people in the world. The country also has an extremely rich history, amazing food, breathtaking coastlines, and an awesome night life. It's important to know that there was a horrible genocide around 40 year ago in...

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What to Pack for Singapore

What to Pack for Singapore- Travel Packing Checklist

Singapore Packing List: What to Pack for Singapore

Singapore is one of Asia's most prosperous city-states and it is a huge hub for imports and exports; making it a shoppers paradise. Packing for Singapore can be a bit stressful due to the fact you will need to dress fancy as well as beach casual. It is best to keep your pack light and only pack what is absolutely necessary for your vacation.

Singapore is inhabited by a number of cultures and...

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