The Best Lightweight Travel Shirts and Shorts for Men and Women for 2018

Best Travel Clothes for Hot Weather

The Best Travel Clothes for Hot Weather

Regardless if you’re traveling to Thailand, Japan, Europe, South America, or the USA t-shirts and long sleeve shorts will be a staple in your pack. Bring neutral colors that wick away moisture and are breathable, regardless of where you go. It’s fine to include a colorful graphic t-shirt or two, but it’s better to pick these up along the way as souvenirs(local beer brand t-shirts are our favorite). Don’t take the cheap route and buy cotton white shirts, they’ll stain, look ugly, and will be uncomfortable.

Sweat Proof and Quick Drying Shirts
Best Travel Clothes for men

When it comes to shirts, you’re going to want to carry moisture wicking long and short sleeve shirts, regardless of weather. T-shirts that keep you dry provide a great base layer and are perfect for hot weather. Long sleeves will protect you from the sun and bugs, while keeping you warm if needed. Below are the travel shirts we pack.

Moisture Wicking Travel T Shirts For Men and Women

Men’s Moisture Wicking T-Shirt
These shirts come in a variety of colors and can pair nicely with other layers. They wick away moisture to keep you warm and dry, and also keep you cool in hotter temperatures. They are cheap enough that you can grab multiple styles and losing them is no big deal. You can spend more on name brands like Champ or Under Armor if you like, but these are the shirts we pack we pack when we travel because they are the best for the price.

Women’s Yoga T-shirt
Women have a much wider variety when it comes T-Shirt styles and fabrics. These athletic t’s are great for travel or working out. They fit nicely and keep you dry. The bold color looks great by itself and works well under a longer sleeve shirt. They stand up to multiple washes and look fantastic with a pair of jeans and ankle high boots as well.

Moisture Wicking Long Sleeve Shirts For Men and Women

Men’s Wicking Crew Neck
Stylish with ribbed cuffs, women in foreign countries tend to swoon at men wearing these. They look good enough to wear alone, and can be layered over a T-shirt and under a sweater. They also wick sweat and moisture to keep you warm and smelling good. The polyester cotton blend will keep you cool in warmer climates and warm if you sleep in them at night. The color is bold and doesn’t fade in the wash, allowing these to hold up for even the longest journeys. Reasonably priced; these are the best long sleeve shirts for men, period.

Women’s Yoga Long Sleeve

So you may notice this is the same brand as the Women’s t above, that’s because we fricken love these shirts. They are super cute while being functional. You can snuggle up in your hotel room with a glass of wine in them or run a marathon, and they will still be comfortable and dry. Don’t suffer gross, wet shirts, get these.

Walking and Hiking ShortsBest Travel Clothes for women

Elastic Stretch Men’s Quick Drying Shorts

Columbia Men’s Barracuda Killer Shorts
Shorts are considered touristy in countries like Europe and South America unless you are vacationing at the beach. For guys, it’s hard to find flattering shorts too feel comfortable in. Don’t fall for the trappings of cargo shorts, they look awful and dorky. However, for countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, United States, and Caribbean, they are just fine. There’s a lot to love about the Barracuda shorts by Columbia. They dry quick, look stylish, and don’t give you swamp ass. They are great for hiking or sightseeing, and look good enough not to turn off the opposite sex. Generally, one pair of shorts is fine and these should be them! They also double as swim shorts.

Elastic Stretch Women’s Quick Drying Shorts

Women’s Crystal Cove River Shorts
Women have a little more leeway wearing shorts in countries such as Europe, Japan, and Argentina. Due to cultural norms, women casually bearing their legs is considered fine in most western countries (not so much in parts of the Middle East and Africa). If you are going to be in hot climates, shorts are a must, but you’ll need something that won’t show sweat stains on your but. The river shorts are great for sightseeing and hiking in hot conditions. They’ll keep you warm and won’t show signs of sweat, unlike cotton or denim. They also double a swim trunks.

Best Travel Shorts and Shirts Summary

When it comes to packing for travel, always go with something that is stylish and functional. It’s not worth it to bring cheap clothes that will potentially make your travels miserable and no fun. Traveling is all about new experiences and living life. It’s stressful enough traveling through another country, don’t make it worse by not packing the proper gear. Invest in quality clothing that looks great and is easy to layer or wear alone.