Packable Travel Hats for Every Destination and Adventure

Best Travel Hat

Best Collapsible Sun Hats, Beanies, and Scarves for Travel

It really doesn’t matter where you are going (Thailand, Japan, Europe, South America, or the USA); a hat, beanie, and scarf should always be in your pack or on your head. Why? Travel hats protect you from the sun (and a little extra fashion), a beanie to keep warm at night, and a scarf which has too many functions to list. The best travel hat is generally one that communicates your personality and is functional.

Crushable Summer Sun Hats for Men and Women
packable travel hats for women

You’ll need some kind hat while you travel to keep the elements out of your face. We recommend snap-backs (the hats with the plastic latches that can be adjusted). Why? Because they can easily be crushed down into a pack, can attach to a belt or pack, and look great. Everyone has a different style and there’s a hat that fits you, but if you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the sun or outdoors, you’ll want a hat that can protect your whole head: face and neck.

Foldable Men’s Travel Hats

Mesh Boonie Hat
You can easily jam this in your bag without worrying about it losing shape. It will protect your head from the sun while allowing you to stay cool. The brim is three inches long and it is one size fits all. It comes in multiple colors and is an extremely functional travel hat. It also looks really cool, and makes you look like you know what you’re doing when you totally don’t.

Cute and Crushable Floppy Beach Hats for Women

oversized sun hat

Siggi Bucket Boonie

This polyester blend hat has an adjustable string that allows it to fit most head sizes. The brim is large enough to shade your forehead, eyes, and cheeks. The Boonie hat has an SPF 50+ rating and will block the majority of UV rays that hit it. While it doesn’t protect your whole head, it is easy to fold up and pack and a backpack or suitcase.

Simplicity Summer Hat

This is a great hat for the sun or slight rain. The brim allows shade for your face and the back of your neck while that hate itself is available in a number of colors. This travel hat can fold up or down for a number of styles and drys quickly and can easily be crushed down and packed away when you’re not using it.

Coolibar Beach Hat
The cotton hat with elastic closure has a 6″ brim and can cover most of your face. It’s travel friendly, made of strong materials, and easily packs away. It’s one of the more high quality hats out there, but for the price you can get something similiar a lot cheaper. Still, the style is fantastic and you can’t go wrong with this hat.

Foldable Winter Hats and Beanies
foldable hat and travel beanie

Beanie, stubbie, sock hat, whatever name you want to call it, they are great for traveling. Not only do they keep your head warm, they are stylish, functional, and add a little bit of personality to your wardrobe. They also make great eye masks, just pull them down on long flights or bus rides, listen to music, and drift into sleep! Hang it off the back of your head, fold into a sailor hat, or use it to blow your nose, there’s really not much you can’t do with a trusted beanie.

Coal Beanies
We only wear Coal Beanies, why? There’s really no reason except we know that they will last us for years, look great, feel great, and break in easily. Some of our beanies are over ten years old and we still wear them. They are one of the defining pieces we include in our wardrobe and we couldn’t in good conscious not mention them. They have awesome styles and, if you are into skiing and snowboarding, you already know they are the prime choice for winter outdoor enthusiasts.

Travel Scarves for Every Adventure 

packable wide brim sun hat and travel scarf

Why do all pro travelers travelers carry scarves? Because they are one of the most diverse pieces of cloth on the planet! A good scarf can be used for so much more than just keep you warm, for example: it can be worn as a hijab to cover your head and shoulders while visiting Mosques in Turkey, a face protector from wind, a pillow, a towel, a belt, a blanket, and a restraint. They also add a pop of style and color that can accentuate the darker clothes and layers you packed. Did you buy something fragile? Wrap it in a scarf to keep it protected. Scarves are great and we recommend you pick a few up in your travels as souvenirs (Turkey and Ireland are great). If you can’t wait that long we have some great options below:

Alpine Swiss Scarf
Let’s face it guys, we don’t think about scarves that often. Even if scarves are the last thing on our mind, we should still have at least one. Why? Well, besides the reasons listed above, scarves inject a bit of personality and playfulness into our otherwise standard wardrobe, and women love them. We aren’t kidding here, a women will notice your scarf and shoes before she notices your smile, so dress smart.

Wander Shawl Scarf
Ladies, if you are to own one scarf, own this one. Why is it great for travel? Not only is it stylish as f**k but it also doubles as a shawl and blanket. It’s perfect to keep you warm on long cold flights or use as wrap for a bikini. If you fancy yourself as a wandering gypsy, this scarf was made for you.

Best Travel Hats Summary

A good hat, warm beanie, and functional scarf will serve you well in your travels. A hat will protect you, a beanie will warm you, and a scarf will do both. We recommend picking these up as you travel as souvenirs, but sometimes they can be hard to find. All expert travels roll around with a warm scarf. They can be used to keep you warm, protect you from sandstorms and weather, and add an extra layer of style. They also make good pillows and you can wrap fragile souvenirs in them.