Best Packable Travel Hoodies and Sweaters for Layering

Best Travel Hoodie 2017 - Travel packing Checklist

Easy to Pack Travel Sweaters for Men and Women

Layering is extremely important when traveling, and having a few quality sweaters is key to staying warm and fashionable without sacrificing packing space. A good rule is to pack a thin crew sweater along with heavier fleece or hoodie. The best travel hoodies and sweaters tend to be the cheapest, so don’t spend on overpriced “travel hoodies.” 

When it comes to selecting sweaters for travel, darker colors are always going to serve you better than lighter ones. They pair better with other pieces stylishly, don’t show stains as easily, and are extremely flattering. Darker colors also give you the “mysterious traveler” effect, which is alluring and seductive to the locals.

Too many bulk sweaters will consume a lot of packing space, so it is better to keep them lightweight and not carry too many. This can sometimes be a struggle, especially if you have really cool pieces that you want to show off. If you are going to warm climates, pack one fleece or hoodie for cool nights and cold airline cabins. If you are destined for colder climates, or plan on changing climates, elect to travel with one to two crew sweaters and a fleece sweater or hoodie. When buying a sweater, it’s important to follow the below rules:

  1. Ensure it has a fleece lining or something similar that will keep you comfortable and warm.
  2. It should be lightweight or middleweight, as to not take up too much room in a pack or luggage.
  3. Darker colors are best, but adding a pop of color works great as well, especially with crew tops.
  4. It should look good by itself or layered with other clothes.
  5. It should fit underneath a leather or denim jacket with ease.

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Best Small Warm Sweaters
Warm Sweaters for Travel

Zip fleece sweaters are great for wearing under a denim or leather jacket. If you aren’t familiar with fleece, think of a bunch of fluffy puppies laying on top of you that don’t smell. They are easy to fold into your pack with other clothes and also provide extra cushion for fragile items in your bag; like a camera or laptop. The downside of most zip fleeces is they don’t contain a hood, leaving your head out in the cold. That can easily be fixed with a beanie or umbrella.

Coulmbia Zip Fleece (Men and Women)
You’ve seen Columbia come up quite often on this site, that’s because their products don’t suck and last a long time. They are known for their fleece jackets and are worn by outdoor enthusiasts, lumberjacks, and travelers. We don’t recommend anything we don’t own, and we own a lot of these. Great for travel and everyday use, you’ll get a lot of use out of them year round. Another great option is North Face zip fleece.

Warm and Functional Travel Hoodies
Best Travel Hoodies

Hoodies are the best invention in clothing since jeans, in our opinion. What’s not to love? They are great for sleeping in, traveling
in, and snuggling up in. You can also pull up the hood and hide from the world when you want to nap on a train or avoid people. Hoodies work great for layering, and look awesome under a denim or leather jacket. They add a hip, urban look that is casual and fashionable. They are the safety blankets of traveling.

Hanes EcoSmart Fleece Hoodie (Men and Women)
Hanes makes some of the best affordable hoodies out there, and they are also super comfortable. Don’t be fooled into buying overpriced travel hoodies, Hanes has you covered with cheap hoodies that come in a variety of colors and sizes for men and women.

Lightweight Travel Crew Tops and Cardigans
Best Travel Hoodie 2017 - Travel packing Checklist

Crew tops not only provide an extra warm layer, they look stylish and can be worn as stand alone pieces. Wear them over a t-shirt or collared shirt for chillier nights or under a fleece and denim jacket for colder climates. Dark colors always work the best but add some color if you like, especially if you’re in a more tropical area. A warning to guys, girlfriends like to steal these so keep them close.

Men’s Merino Wool Blend V-Neck Sweater
These crew tops are great. Not only do they wick away moisture because they are wool, they are also extremely flattering to men’s bodies. The locals will swoon and fellow travelers will wonder who that dapper young man is. They look great under a denim or leather jacket as well, and can be worn over a t-shirt for a more casual look. We always pack at least one.

Women’s Merino Wool Crew Top

Crew tops for women don’t get much better than this for the price. Not only are these ridiculously soft but they are wool, keeping you warm and dry. They fit great and can be layered under a jacket or worn alone. We like to wear these with a scarf, jeans, and boots for casual days out. If you don’t want to spend the money on a crew top, just steal one from your boyfriend.

Best Travel Hoodie and Sweater Summary

Packing a heavy sweater and light sweater for travel will give you the freedom to stay warm, stylish, and casual regardless of what climate you are in. They can be layered on top of and underneath other articles of clothing, or worn by themselves. Staying warm while not over packing is super important, so invest in good products that are easy to pack and will last a long time.