Traveling Smart: The Best Pajama Sleepwear is Thermals

best travel pajamas and sleepwear

Best Lightweight Pajamas and Thermals for Travel for Men and Women

Thermals are extremely important when it comes to packing for travel, regardless of destination. A good pair of thermals will serve multiple functions while traveling such as: providing an extra base layer to keep warm, protection from bugs, and wrapping up fragile souvenirs. You’ll find that thermals also double as the best sleepwear for travel.

If your destination is going to be warm and there is no danger of Mosquito borne illnesses, feel free to leave the thermals at home. When buying thermals, there are a few things you should follow:

  1. Stay away from white thermals! They are unflattering and show stains.
  2. Dark colors are the best.
  3. Cotton is not your friend when it comes to thermals, get something that wicks away sweat and moisture.
  4. Consider getting something that you wouldn’t be embarrassed if seen in.

Two Piece Pajama Thermal Sets With Long Sleeves

Two piece thermal sets are great for their functionality and value. You can wear them separately or together. The downside is they don’t keep you as warm as one piece sets and break down and stretch over time.

Men’s  Thermals
Moisture wicking, warm, and cheap; these great looking thermals are perfect for skiing, travel, or outdoor sports. They will keep you dry and cozy inside and out. They also don’t look like traditional “long johns” which staves off the dork factor. We highly recommend these for traveling.

Women’s Thermals
These are cute, comfy, and functional. They keep you warm, dry, and are easy to cuddle up in. Wear them under travel clothes, ski jackets, or to bed. They come with a bottom and top and are priced great for budget travelers.

Cute Onesie Pajamas for Winter
best pajamas for women

Want something warm, functional, and fun? Consider a onesie for colder climates. They keep body heat in better and don’t prevent you from doing your bathroom business. A good onsie should be moisture wicking, warm, and kick ass. You will only need these in colder climates, so leave them at home for mild or warm climates.

Airblaster Classic Ninja Suit
We often wonder why no one thought of the ninja thermal earlier. Made by an obscure snowboard company, and marketed to winter outdoor enthusiasts, these things are great for travel! They are a one piece thermal with a hood and thumb holes. They are great for staying warm, sleeping in cold hostels or hotels, and disappearing into the shadows. They are also a big hit with other travelers. We use them for snowboarding, winter travel, and motorcycling. If you are looking for something a bit more fun and ridiculous, but still functional, these are great.

Travel Pajamas and Thermals Summary

Thermals are an important part of traveling to climates that are colder or have mosquitoes. They will keep you warm, dry, and protect you from exotic diseases. They come in a variety of colors and styles, but you generally want to stay away from cotton as they tend to hold onto sweat and make you cold, which is the opposite of what thermals are for. If you feel like packing thermals will take up too much room in your bag consider rolling them together with sweaters.