Best Travel Underwear for Men and Women

Best Travel Underwear for Men and Women

Travel Comfortable with Moisture and Sweat Wicking Underwear 

Underwear is probably the most important thing you’re going to pack regardless if you are traveling to Thailand, Japan, Europe, South America, or the USAso get the best out there. The general rule a thumb is five pairs of under garments, but we prefer to double that number to ten. This is another area you don’t want to go budget on, especially if you’re going to humid climates (hello swamp ass). When it comes to selecting the best travel under garments, you will want to look for the following:

  1. Polyester and Elastane blend are the best for wicking away moisture.
  2. Mesh styles will be more breathable.
  3. You want something that stretches as you move and won’t leave marks or rub.
  4. Ladies, consider a sports bra for hiking and sightseeing.

Types of Underwear Fabric: Microfiber, Merino Wool, Synthetic

When it comes to choosing fabric, anything that keeps you dry should be good. However if you’re visiting really hot climates stay away from wool as it may be too heavy!

Quick Drying Hiking Underwear is the Best for Backpacking

moisture wicking underwear women's

The brand that corners the market for best travel boxers is Under Armor. Performance athletic wear will always serve you the best when traveling because they are designed to keep the wearer dry and comfortable. They may seem expensive, but when you total up the amount you spend on cheaper underwear that doesn’t last, they are actually a great value. Three pair of Under Armour boxers can replace 10 pair of bulk cotton boxers due to the fact they can easily be washed in a bathroom sink and dry in an hour. No one wants to sit in sweaty under  garments on 6 hour bus rides, and no one wants sweat marks seeping through onto their pants or shorts. Most travel clothing is subjective and up to you, but underwear isn’t. You’ll thank us later.

Men’s Breathable Travel Boxers

Under Armour Men’s Original Series 6” Boxerjock
They keep us dry, are easy to clean, and double as a bathing suit in a pinch. There are other products out there but we go with what we know and wear, and these are what we would wear in Patagonia in Winter and Thailand in Summer. Simply wash them in a hotel or hostel sink with hand soap, hang them up over night, and you have clean boxers for the next few days. Keep three to four of these in your pack.

Women’s Breathable Travel Panties and Bra

Under Armour Women’s Pure Stretch Hipster
These are great for women and will keep butt sweat stains away. They keep you dry, clean, and are easy to wash. They also double as a bathing suit if somehow you are caught without one. The hipster won’t chaff or rub on long hike either, which is really nice. Simply wash them with hand soap in a sink, hang them up for 30 minutes to an hour, and you will have dry undies for the next few days. We suggest packing a few of these with your standard underwear.
Under Armour Women’s Armour Mid Sports Bra
Sports bra’s are great for long days of hiking, traveling, and sightseeing. They will keep you dry and you don’t have to worry about your other bras getting dirty. Under Armor’s are especially great for not just traveling, but any kind of active sports. It will keep you dry, warm, and doesn’t chaff.

 Travel Underwear Summary

Swamp ass is not a good look or feeling so don’t be cheap when it comes to buying under garments, otherwise you will be in for an uncomfortable travel experience. Buy a few pieces that wick away sweat, breathe well, and can be easily washed and dried. They also double as swimsuits in a pinch!