Travel Clothes: Functional Swimwear Styles for Men and Women

best functional swimwear for travel

Swim Trunks and Bathing Suits for Vacation

Finding a good swimsuit can be difficult and time consuming, especially for women. A bad swimsuit can cause you to feel self conscious and avoid fun times in the water. 

Fashionable Men’s Swimwear for Any Destinationmens tight swim trunks

Let’s face it, most of us are clueless on what to look for in a bathing suit. We just pick something dark, cheap, or colorful because; who really cares about a bathing suit? Well guys, I hate to burst your bubble, but girls do. Think about, they spend hours, sometimes days, agonizing over what bathing suit to buy or wear. With that amount of attention to a small piece of cloth, do you think they really aren’t judging your bathing suit? If that kind of thing doesn’t bother you, then get what you want, but if it does, follow these tips to avoid a lame bathing suit:

Buying Tips for Men’s Swimsuits

  1. Keep it short: Bathing suits that land mid thigh or higher are considered way cuter and better looking than ones that extend above the knee or past it.
  2. It should be a conversation starter: Don’t just buy a black bathing suit, get something that looks cool and is kind of fun. Flamingos and sharks, great! Surfers and turtles, awesome! Penguins and palm trees, even better! Get something you think is fun or funny and wear it with pride.mens stylish travel swimwear
  3. Netting vs. no netting: Netting in bathing suits makes it feel like a diaper, so either cut it out or purchase a swimsuit with no netting.
  4. Leave the Speedo at home: Speedo’s are popular in Europe, but they don’t look good at all. If you do elect to go with a Speedo, think James Bond and get one that is shorts instead of briefs

Penguin Board Shorts
One of the biggest travelling mistakes we see are guys who bring crappy, cheap, and unflattering suits. Women put a lot of thought into their bathing suits and so should you. Penguin, Chubbies, and Kanu are all great brands that look great and dry quick. A cool bathing suit is a great conversation starter as well. We prefer Original Penguin suits because they are durable, hold their color, are the perfect length, and have a variety of fun prints and colors.

Women’s Swimwear: Bikini or Reversible One PieceWomens travel swimwear

Women have a lot of options when it comes to selecting a suit, but what you would wear by the pool at home might not necessarily be what you want to wear while traveling.

Travel Tips for Women Buying Swim Suits

  1. When it comes to picking out a bathing suit, know that pervs live in every country. If you don’t want the extra attention, consider getting a suit that won’t draw too much attention.
  2. If you don’t want the attention of pervs, but do want the attention of some attractive locals or travelers, consider bringing an extra bikini that makes you look and feel great
  3. Pack a pair of board shorts to wear over your bikini bottoms, because bikini bottoms tend to fall off ad get lost.
  4. Consider reversible bathing suits so you have access to more styles and waste less room in your pack.

Qpladise Reversible One Piece
These one piece suits are super convenient for travel and come in a number of styles. They can easily reverse into another style on the fly and are super fun.


Maui Rippers Women’s Board Short
Bikini bottoms are great but they tend to get lost when you’re cliff jumping, surfing, or rope swinging into lakes. Board shorts are a great addition to your bathing suit kit. They won’t come off, you can wear them while hiking, and they deter pervs. They also are more comfortable than bikini bottoms.

Travel Swimwear Summary

Bathing suits can be ultra flattering and fun or super uncomfortable. When selecting a bathing suit, keep it fun, fitted, and personalized.  A swimsuit should make you feel great and not hold you back.