Top Thai Food Dishes to to Try in Thailand

Top Thai Food Dishes to to Try in Thailand

Must Eat Dishes in Thailand

Besides mysterious and awe inspiring Buddhist temples, floating market stalls, and amazing tropical islands; Thailand wows its visitors through its thai food. Whether you’re into hot and spicy food or are looking for milder flavors, Thailand’s rich culinary tradition has a dish for you. No trip to Thailand is ever complete without a sampling of its amazing flavors. Whether you check out these dishes from a street-side stall or from the swanky interior of a ritzy hotel, you need to try these dishes while you’re in Thailand. You’ll see for yourself why Thai cuisine is catching on in many countries.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai in Thailand

This wide flat rice noodle fully captures the exoticism and tastes of Thailand for many visitors. It offers a great contrasting mix of sweet and tangy and chewy and crunchy. Topped with freshly coarse ground roasted peanuts, a side of mung bean sprouts and a generous sprinkle of chopped green onions, Pad Thai is both cool and hot at the same time. Whether you order its chicken or shrimp version or enjoy it in vegetarian style, Pad thai can be quite addictive.

Tom Yum Goong

best thai food to try

Usually cooked with shrimp, this distinctively Thai hot and sour soup highlights everything that’s special about Thai cuisine. Coconut milk? Check. Thai herbs and spices like lemon grass, coriander, and kaffir lime leaves? Check. Fish sauce? Check. Tom Yum goong does a great job of pulling in hot and sour tastes to produce a smooth flavor you can’t get enough of. You should sample this dish wherever you can find it in Thailand so you can savor the regional differences. Different Thai cooks have their own distinctive spin to this dish. No two versions are exactly alike.

Tom Kha Kai

thailand food to try in Thailand

This chicken soup features strips or scraps of chicken in a slightly watery coconut broth with generous amounts of chili and coriander. If you think chicken soup is a tonic for the soul, prepare to mix things up with this uniquely Thai take on chicken soup. Tangy, spicy, and flavored with a kick, this is one chicken soup recipe you might want to keep coming back to.

Gaeng Daeng Gai

Must Try thai dishes

This red curry stew is very flexible. Different roadside stalls have their own distinctive take on it. Some feature beef slices. Others feature chicken or seafood. Despite the specific meat featured, it’s the great tangy and spicy velvety appeal of this stew’s red curry and coconut oil mix that will stick to you. The sauce is the main attraction and this dish tastes great with just the sauce or the sauce with fried tofu. If you’re looking for a great dish to pair with rice (whether plain or fried), try Gaeng Daeng.

Khao Pad

thai plates to eat in Thailand
This dish is the Thai version of fried rice. While it’s more stripped down, lighter, and more spartan compared to Chinese fried rice, don’t let this dish’s simple combination of egg, onion, thai herbs, and fried rice fool you-it packs quite a bit of flavor. It’s quite light on the tongue and not heavy at all. This is what makes it an easy favorite among foodies looking for a flavorful alternative to plain rice.

Thai Food Summary

Keep the dishes above in mind during your next trip to Thailand. They give you a much needed dose of local flavors and scents as you take in the exotic sights and sounds of the Land of Smiles.

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