11 Things to do in Argentina

Things to See in Argentia

Where to Go and Points of Interest in Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful country with majestic natural wonders, European styled cities, and delicious meat! The country itself is huge and extends all the way down to Patagonia, near the South Pole. No South America trip would be complete without visiting Argentina! Regardless whether you are in the North or the South, there is something awesome to see or do.

When visiting Argentina you should pack more formal clothes. If you are unsure what to put in your bag, visit our packing guide.

Best Places to See and Visit in Argentina

Argentina has some great places to visit, and luckily they are all nestled pretty close together. Below are my favorite things to see in Argentina.

Iguazu Falls

Points of Interest in Argentina

One of the 7 wonders of nature, the Iguazu Falls are breathtaking. The falls sit on the border of Argentina and Brazil and can be accessed bus rides from Buenos Aires or from the nearby city of Curtiba. Being the largest waterfall system in the world, it fills the air with natural ions and divides the Iguazu rivers into upper and lower. Take a rain coat because the air tends to get damp and misty.

Buenos Aires

Things to Do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a very European looking city and is the capitol of Argentina and is full of awesome architecture and history. Most of the museums are free in the city and they boast an extensive collection of famous works by Van Gough and other artists you would likely see in the Louvre, France. There is also the famous Cementerio de Recoleta;  a fancy mauseloum that carries the bones of many rich and wealthy families in Argentina. It’s most famous for being the resting place of Evita Peron. The city itself is broken down into smaller areas. La Playa is the colorful part of the history and supposedly where the Tango originated from. Don’t forget to check out Recoleta, Plaza Francia, and Teatro Colon as well.

Locals of the city refer to themselves as Portenos, and will be charmed if you refer to them this way.

San Marcos Sierras

A little less known then other mountain towns, the San Marcos Sierras is a small hiking town known for being the home to Argentinian hippies. It is a great place to hike in the nature of Argentina and mingle with some true hippies, barefoot and all.


Cordoa is the second biggest city in the country, and it’s known for being a bit younger due to it’s 70+ colleges. Cordoba is a great party city and is known for it’s thriving reggaetón scene. Some people say it is where reggaetón originated from, but that’s a hotly debated topic throughout South and Central America. Either way it’s a great place to dance and party.

Mendoza, Wine Country

argentina tourist attractions

Mendoza is another city in Argentina, but it is known worldwide for it’s spectacular collection of wines and winery’s. Similar to the Napa Valley of California, Mendoza produces some of the best and most sought after wine in the world. The greatest thing about visiting Mendoza is that you can samples bottles of wine that sell for hundreds of dollars in other countries, dirt cheap. It also borders Chile and is the gateway to Santiago, the capitol of Chile.


Visiting Patagonia in Argentina

No list about places to go in Argentina would be complete without listing Patagonia. It is world famous for it’s beauty and attracts outdoor enthusiaists from all over the globe. A hot spot for climbers, hikers, ice trekkers, paragliders, base jumpers, and horseback riding, Patagonia is truly breathtaking. It’s also a great place to catch a boat to the South Pole, just to say you did it!

Top Things to Do in Argentina

It’s important to not just see the sites but also experience the culture. To really embrace Argentinian culture, partake in all of the below:

Go to Asado

Asado in Argentina

Asado means barbecue in Argentina, and if you have the chance it’s something you must do! Argentina is known for their meat and the way to they cook, and they are even better known for their Asado barbecues. A typical Asado consists of everyone sitting around the BBQ and eating cuts of different meats as they come off the grill, leading up to the main meat course. There is a lot of wine and Fernette Branca as well. It is truly an amazing experience

Stay out late and visit cafes

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Argentinians, especially Portenos (people from Buenos Aires), stay out later than any other country.  Traditionally dinner is around 8-9, with drinks with friends at 11-12, and dancing maybe from 1-4am. Argentinians are never in a hurry to go anywhere so go with the flow!

Go to a futbol match

Boca Juniors, Argentina

The likelihood of you getting tickets to see the Boca Jr.s play is slim to none, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and see a soccer game with Argentians. They are known as the craziest and passionate soccer fans in the world, so go and check it out, it’s quite the spectacle. If you can’t get in go out into the streets and join the crowds.

Watch Polo

Polo in Argentina

Although soccer remains the supreme sport in Argentina, Polo comes in second. It’s a sport that many are not exposed to, but it’s really awesome too see how people ride their horses and manage to hit the ball with a stick

Dance the Tango

tango in Argentina

The forbidden dance. The Tango comes from Argentina and is one of the most flirtatious dances in the world. You never ask someone to dance, you communicate with your eyes and take them. It’s super sexy, fun, and difficult. If you can’t dance it, watch it performed, it’s quite beautiful.

If you do these Things in Argentina you will have a great time.

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