Good Travel Headphones for Any Destination in 2021

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Comfortable Headphones for the Airplane and Beyond

Sometimes you just want to tune the world out and have some alone time, and a solid pair of headphones will help you achieve that! A good pair of headphones or earbuds will allow you to drown out noise when sleeping, reflect on your adventures, and keep you upbeat if you become homesick. There’s really only two types of headphones that get the job done, over the ear and earbuds an both have their pro’s and cons. Below are the best noise cancelling earbuds for travel as well as the best noise cancelling headphones for travel.

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While you’re out sightseeing, remember to leave the headphones back at the hostel or hotel. Listening to music and being a tourist will attract the attention of thieves and other nefarious beings. One of the most important things while traveling is to be aware of your surroundings, and listening to headphones interferes with that.

If you are looking for comprehensive packing list by country, check out these:

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Travel

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Over the ear headphones have been around a long time. You will hands down get the best sound quality from them, they fit comfortably, and easily cancel out noise. The downside is that they can be awkward on your head, expensive, ugly, and bulky to pack. If your are an audiophile and need good sound while traveling, headphones might be your best option.

There are some great headphones for traveling and cancelling out noise. If you go cheap with over the ear headphones they will break and don’t last long. Avoid “fashion headphones” for the same reason as cheap ones; they break and are crappy (and overpriced).

Top of the Line Wireless Headphones for Travel

Bose Quiet Comfort

If you’re particular about your sleep and any noise wakes you up, we suggest the Bose Quiet Comfort. They cancel out all noise and make it easy to sleep on planes, in hostels, etc. They are expensive but you will never need to buy another pair of headphones in your life if you take care of them.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

Similar to the Bose, but with a little bit more style. The sound output of these are amazing. They als cancel out all noise. It’s expensive but if you’re a serious traveler we recommend them.

Most Comfortable Earbuds

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Earbuds are made for travel, hands down. They easily pack away, are low profile, do a great job of eliminating sound, are comfortable, and easily fit under a hoodie. The downside is that the sound isn’t as good, but unless you’re really into sound quality you most likely won’t tell the difference. The downside to earbuds is they easily get snagged on things and apparently they can damage your eardrums. Still, for traveling we prefer a quality pair of ear buds.

Best In Ear Headphones for Travel

NRG 3.0 Earbuds

Noise cancelling earbuds that are easy to pack and low key. These may seem expensive for earbuds, but the quality and comfort make up for the price. We’ve spent hundreds of dollars on crappy earbuds that didn’t last and wish we invested in these sooner. Simply the best travel earbuds out there.

Splaks Earbuds

Cheap earbuds that cancel most noise. They are cheap enough that if they get lost or damaged you won’t worry too much. Also they fit great under motorcycle helmets.

Best Headsets for Travel Summary

You’re going to want something to cancel out noise and allows you to be alone with your thoughts while traveling. Headphones and earbuds are a great option to achieve this! We recommend using earbuds for traveling because they are low key an inexpensive, but if you’re all about that deep bass then splurge on an expensive pair of headphones, just expect that they won’t survive more rugged trips.